Scotty Cameron is one of the biggest names in golf, not for playing but for designing some of the best putters used in the world of golf today.  If you have ever demoed a Scotty Cameron putter you'll quickly find out why.  Owning a Scotty Cameron putter is usually a pretty expensive undertaking, that's why many people seek out to find a used Scotty Cameron putter to help reduce the cost.

We have a huge collection of different used Scotty Cameron putters available. The deals are some of the best you can find that tend to be way below retail prices. We have different putters for sale all the time and with the deals so good a lot of them go fast.

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Used Scotty Cameron Putters under $200?

Yes, it's very possible to find a used Scotty Cameron putter for under $200, especially here.  The costs for a used putter usually range around $130-$180 which are all a very nice buy for an extremely high quality putter.  Click here to check them out!

What's so special about Scotty Cameron putters?

Scotty Cameron putters are "special" usually because of the high quality and some of the smoothest putters in the world.  Scotty has worked very hard making huge improvements in putter design and creates them based around the player.  This is somewhat backwards from what other putter makers do, they make the player adjust to the putter not the other way around. 

They also have tons of custom options, like necks, grips, etc. which also helps adjust the putter to the player.  Besides that it really has become somewhat of a status symbol on the golf course, since tons of famous professional golfers use them and wouldn't leave home without them.